Created by a cancer survivor, Etie'no Skincare is an all natural brand for anyone in search of effective soothing skin therapy.

       Renew skin balm

The fusion of carefully selected natural oils and butters offer a gentle yet powerful solution for dry, irritated skin.


  Complimentary eBook

Caring for Your Skin after Cancer Treatment is a FREE eBook offering tips and advice learned the hard way, by me, through experience and dedication


           Our philosophy


We avoid the usual ingredients in beauty products that can aggravate your skin and cause undesirable side-effects.


"Thank you so much for sending me the Apricot and Mango bar. It was a kind thing to do. My skin feels soft and moisturised. I am also relieved to find something safe to use on my skin as my skin is now sensitive. I will order some for the girls in the support group." - Mary