Etie'no Apricot and Mango Bar

Pamper & Protect

Give tired skin the pampering touch it deserves with a rich, creamy beauty bar that will deeply moisturise and soothe even the most sensitive skin.

Etie’no Apricot and Mango bar has been formulated to be exceptionally gentle on your skin. It’s packed with antioxidants to renew and protect skin, along with gorgeously pampering mango seed butter, softening apricot kernel oil and not much else. We keep it simple because we know that if you’ve had treatment for cancer recently, your skin is tired of dealing with all the unnecessary chemicals and other substances, and just wants to be nurtured with simple, nutritious ingredients that cleanse while making you feel good.

The bar is unscented, because we know some people don’t like strongly scented products during or after treatment. We chose calming apricot kernel oil because we know it’s especially kind to irritated, inflamed or sensitive skin, and will leave it feeling soft, supple and beautifully hydrated.

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Size 110grams

Aqua, Sodium olivate (Olive) oil, Sodium palmate (Sustainable Palm) oil, Sodium palm kernalate (Sustainable Palm kernel) oil, Sodium cocoate (Coconut) oil, Mangifera indica (Mango seed) butter and Prunus armeniaca (Apricot Kernel) oil.

Who Can Use Etie'no Apricot
and Mango Bar?

The Apricot and Mango Bar has been specially formulated to be suitable for all skin types. It’s vegan friendly and unscented so anyone with sensitive skin can use it, and it’s an ideal treat for little ones’ skin too.

Suitable for vegetarians and tested on willing humans only.

How To Use Etie'no Apricot
and Mango Bar

How to use:  Wet skin, rub the bar gently on skin to create a sumptuous lather. Rinse and repeat as often as you like!

Top Tips

1. Great as a holiday essential. can be used as a shampoo, body wash and laundry soap so no need for liquids in your hand luggage.

2. Recycle your jute bags. 

The Star Ingredients

"Smells very light

This soap cleanses so beautifully without drying my skin out. I love that it is unscented as i cant stand  strong smells at the moment."

- Khadija

Etie'no Apricot and Mango Bar

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