Lunch at No. 10 Downing Street

     From Ward 11 South Royal Free Hospital  to No. 10 Downing Street

Reminiscing on an exciting opportunity that presented itself in 2016

As part of the Small Business Saturday campaign, I was selected to  exhibit my skincare products at the prestigious No.10.

Earlier on in the year, i applied for the Small Business Saturday campaign which features 100 Small businesses in the UK for a year. Being selected was exciting enough and it was a great opportunity to share our lovely brand with more people.

Sometime in November 2016, i received an exciting email inviting me to showcase my products at no. 10. Not 11, the 10. 

Keeping quiet was hard and i had to turn down meetings for the day with no explanations and keep my paws of twitter. 

 My one wish was to meet the PM (preferably over a brew)  and tell her of the issues we face after cancer treatment. Not just on the self esteem front but on returning to work or starting a business. People assume that the minute you are given the all clear you can revert back to life before cancer treatment.

Unfortunately, she was otherwise engaged (busy running the country i suppose) but the Small Business Minister  - RT Hon. Margot James MP was a delight and shared her experience of running a small business before politics

It was an honour to present myself and gift her some of our products and to hear that she is a big fan of natural skincare too. I was equally humbled that she to hear that she found my work to support other women going through cancer treatment inspirational. 

For someone who only saw the door on TV, it was a humbling experience and although nervous, i carried the stories of the strong women i have met along the way with me. stories of courage, hope and resilience. What a blessing.

The day ended with a group photo outside the famous door. For a lot of us, it was our first time. Hopefully not mine. 

Have attached a few pictures. We were not allowed cameras but these are the official ones from the day.